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Naming is one of the most challenging creative tasks, period. It isn't about coming up with lists of potential names. It is often about facing a list of rejected names and being able to start fresh. We have witnessed this rejected look in the faces and have been there to help. He... read more  

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Aaron is absolutely right; a gifted trademark lawyer uniformly prefers for a client to adopt and use suggestive over descriptive names and marks. As I have discussed before in “A Legal Perspective on the Pros and Cons of Name Styles,” this graphic illustrates the all-importan... read more  

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The case for a suggestive name over something descriptive was made in my last post. Now I pose the question, does a name really matter? This topic needs to start with, "does any one detail really matter?" Think about it. Do the curves on the iPhone really matter? Does the ... read more  

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For nearly a decade, Capsule's branding expertise has helped many companies reduce the risk involved with bringing new offerings to market. When a division of Fiserv Insurance Solutions approached us to design their new spin-off brand from the ten billion dollar parent, we jumped... read more  

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The delicacy of meaning.We use language to communicate, to add meaning and allow others to translate and understand. Meaning is both delicate and changing. As generations, we attach new meaning to words. Just try to explain that the word "gay" means “happy” to ... read more  

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