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Bridges are objects of beauty. They bring things together using diverse disciplines and eventually connect diverse regions of our planet. Packaging has fully established itself in a new role. The bridge. Here is what we mean by this simple metaphor. The traditional marke... read more  

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Many years back we became friends with an influential fellow by the name of Joe Pine. He had written a book on the customer experience, The Experience Economy (April, 1999). His work had a profound influence on our design business. We found something profound in the idea th... read more  

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What defines a dealer vs a retailer? A John Deere dealer group called Nortrax approached Capsule to have us design an identity and visual language for their expanding brand of John Deere dealer. The effort started in the typical fashion but quickly evolved into a large variety... read more  

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It seems like a good time to share a story about the importance of your business card. Here’s my short story, and an extraordinary experience. My partner, Brian Adducci, is a designer with a respect for business. My background is business with a comparable respect for design... read more  

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Really, what is sustainable? How long are we talking? Are we talking years, decades or lifetimes? Many lifetimes, I hope. A couple weeks ago I dinged Cameron Diaz for not being authentic in her sustainable behaviors. Since that time, I've been finalizing a speech for the G... read more  

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