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Aaron is absolutely right; a gifted trademark lawyer uniformly prefers for a client to adopt and use suggestive over descriptive names and marks. As I have discussed before in “A Legal Perspective on the Pros and Cons of Name Styles,” this graphic illustrates the all-importan... read more  

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Do two wrongs make a right? First wrong: As a society we learned many things from the .com bubble burst. In the brand strategy community, many of us saw the downside of using .com in a name. When the bubble bursts, your brand goes further down than the rest. Which is both short-t... read more  

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The last few weeks at Capsule have been intense as we wrap up another naming project. (We've written about our naming process before at The Dieline if you're interested.) So it's especially interesting to see a conflict about naming in the media at the moment; in this... read more  

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