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Are you wearing an old icon? Are you redefining the category but using old visual language? Icons are sometimes precise reductions of logos, used to identify a brand in a complex and condensed environment. In other cases, icons are replacements for words. These situations are... read more  

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Depending on how you look at it, “Big Data” is either a blessing or a curse. Some organizations see it as a daunting challenge to their ability to analyze and understand it. Others see it as key to new insights, cures, solutions and advances. But that’s the crux of Big D... read more  

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There's a lot of momentum behind design thinking today and a lot of appreciation from this community for all the interest. But, as in all movements, there are distractions and unworthy detours. Here's one we'd like to open up for discussion. Parking meters and the technologica... read more  

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People in Minnesota are coming up with some pretty interesting gadgets these days, which is why we've decided to feature another local Jank or Swank. This time we're looking at the Machook, a computer accessory that "elevates" your headphones from desktop clutter. St.... read more  

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