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The Capsule crew expanded last week with the addition of two new interns--Courtney Johnson (right) in Marketing and Business Development, and Rebecca Schultz (left) in Copywriting. We took five minutes to learn more about each other and our first few days in the office. Rebecc... read more  

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From the oracle that is Wikipedia: Crowdsourcing is the act of outsourcing tasks, traditionally performed by an employee or contractor, to a large group of people or community (a crowd), through an open call.At first, the crowdsourcing trend may appear to be cool. Democratic, uni... read more  

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We were stoked to hear that the FUSE Conference, which sold out weeks ago, has moved to a larger venue to accommodate the exceptional demand for tickets. Better yet, Capsule's Aaron Keller has been invited to live blog the event to keep everyone that can't make it informe... read more  

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Perhaps I should be thankful that more people aren't aware of this amazing decoy in the fight against lunch thieves worldwide. We wouldn't have the pleasure of seeing so many wonderful passive-aggressive notes. Images from ... read more  

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