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Call me crazy, but there seems to be a trend happening here. Did anyone else notice the Super Bowl games of the last two years have actually been competitive? And have you noticed the other trend, the commercials are less than impressive in comparison to years past? Maybe my a... read more  

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Confession: I might be a crazy cat lady. Don't get me wrong — I love dogs and long to enjoy one as a pet someday. But because allergies presently prevent that happy reality, I live vicariously through the canine parenthood of friends and family. I do, however, have a cat. Let... read more  

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Read a headline recently by the American Marketing Association (AMA) asking the question above, "Are the Kardashians a brand?" The article was from the LA Times, contending, from one source the Kardashians do not have a brand. The reason given seems to be a combination of, one: ... read more  

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Visually and aurally, that is. I went to see our own Minnesota Wild play hockey last night at St Paul's Excel stadium. Obviously, there is violence to be expected in this sport. Body slamming, puck whacking and yes, the occasional punch-up. What I was not prepared for though ... read more  

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I've never been into The Biggest Loser much. This season, I've been sucked into a few episodes. Call it curiosity. Or perhaps I'm just trying to understand the Capsule office obsession with P90X a little better. Whatever it is, the most standout thing about the show i... read more  

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