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There's a lot of momentum behind design thinking today and a lot of appreciation from this community for all the interest. But, as in all movements, there are distractions and unworthy detours. Here's one we'd like to open up for discussion. Parking meters and the technologica... read more  

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If you've never been to Austin, it is worth the trip. If you run and you’ve never been to The Running Event, it is double worth the trip. If you're athletic, enjoy being around people and enjoy really good food, it is triple worth the trip to Austin and The Running Event. He... read more  

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Rice: filling, satisfying, a staple food. Simple Seed: organic, interesting, delicious. Gulf Pacific Rice was already committed to sustainable practices in product production for two decades when they added to their melody of milled, imported and flavored rice. Treading l... read more  

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Watching this Cisco video on the Internet of Everything sparked a flurry of ideas and a bit of daydreaming. Take a moment to watch it yourself. Intriguing, yes? The waking up of everything. An interesting debate could take place around the idea that the Internet will wake thin... read more  

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How do you measure a successful packaging design effort? Or asked another way, when do you know you have elevated the purpose of a package design? How do you know when you have made something matter more than it had previously? Is it revenue, margin obtained, cost savings, or ... read more  

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