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Members of the Capsule team are attending The Running Event this week. This is our first time here so we are the dictionary definition of curious. We expect to find running gear from quirky and vibrantly colored trail shoes to GPS watches to an assortment of protective eyewear... read more  

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When I was little, I used to wander into the cosmetic aisle mesmerized by the colors, shapes and smells of the beauty brands. To a little girl, it was a bright, magical fortress in a world of beauty merchandise. Travel forward to today and being more aware of my behaviors in t... read more  

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Remember when Byerly's was identified by a signature? Can we take you back to when the Byerly's logo switched from Don Byerlys' signature to the mark that exists today? We're proud to be able to say we played a role in helping elegantly launch this new identity in 2002. We want ... read more  

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Mergers do not typically happen between equal brands. Even though the media coverage, key messages and internal announcements from many past mergers have tried to tell us, the brand consuming public, that two companies are joining to optimize mutual strengths, this is never reall... read more  

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"Massholes." The term was shared with us when we started working with Schwinn many years back. It's used to describe a brand when they move into mass retailers and, while we were amused by it at first, we ultimately found the message it sends a bit sad. Upon further thought, w... read more  

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