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Depending on how you look at it, “Big Data” is either a blessing or a curse. Some organizations see it as a daunting challenge to their ability to analyze and understand it. Others see it as key to new insights, cures, solutions and advances. But that’s the crux of Big D... read more  

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As a consumer of design services – having worked in corporate communications and as a consultant to corporate clients – I have often needed to sell good design to executives. I have known managers who gave short shrift to design, equating it to decorative “frills,” someth... read more  

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When I was little, I used to wander into the cosmetic aisle mesmerized by the colors, shapes and smells of the beauty brands. To a little girl, it was a bright, magical fortress in a world of beauty merchandise. Travel forward to today and being more aware of my behaviors in t... read more  

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Leading a category requires a revolutionary attitude, the courage to explore the unknown and commitment to advancement. Edens is one of the nation's leaders in retail real estate. They had steadily been building up their brand for nearly four decades when they approached Capsu... read more  

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