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There is a time and place for all good things. Bacon Burgers, Bacon-on-a-stick and Kevin Bacon -- but bacon lip balm? What do you think? Does it cross a line? Or would you smother your lips with this tasty bacon salve?  ... read more  

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Imagine walking down the holiday decorations aisle in search of a new string of lights. Searching high and low for the right set, you spot this package.  Thank you Barry Rubin for sharing with us a fine example of the importance of choosing the right typeface.  Cast your vote, ... read more  

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From Kickstarter: "Whether out with friends or at home having a romantic dinner, nothing says "I'm enjoying this drink" like a Das Horn. Hang it around your neck for a hands-free drinking experience or gift your friends a beautifully designed, modern twist on the ancient drinkin... read more  

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    You can watch your favorite show, Facetime, or even just check your email while sipping on a bowl of noodles (or whatever other kind of bowl food your heart desires). What do you think, is it jank or swank?... read more  

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                                    For those of us in the frigid north there are all kinds of reasons to find things to keep you wa... read more  

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