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Are you wearing an old icon? Are you redefining the category but using old visual language? Icons are sometimes precise reductions of logos, used to identify a brand in a complex and condensed environment. In other cases, icons are replacements for words. These situations are... read more  

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Mark Bergen from the University of Minnesota Carlson School put it this way, “marketing is applied economics and applied social sciences.” We know economics has a spectacular amount more mathematics involved, but it still comes down to Harry Truman's quote "give me a one... read more  

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Naming is one of the most challenging creative tasks, period. It isn't about coming up with lists of potential names. It is often about facing a list of rejected names and being able to start fresh. We have witnessed this rejected look in the faces and have been there to help. He... read more  

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On my first day working at New Era, I turned my employee badge over and saw our company’s brand values listed on the back: Authenticity, Creativity, Individuality and Pride. I knew what they all meant, but realized Authenticity is the one that most intrigued me, and probably... read more  

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Bridges are objects of beauty. They bring things together using diverse disciplines and eventually connect diverse regions of our planet. Packaging has fully established itself in a new role. The bridge. Here is what we mean by this simple metaphor. The traditional marke... read more  

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