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Walter Isaacson has recently written a door stopper of a book on Steve Jobs (this is a good thing). If you haven't seen it or heard about it, then you're either not human or stuck under a refrigerator in a small NY efficiency. As for the rest of you who have it crushing some othe... read more  

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... started with an ideation culture. We were once commissioned with the task of translating "Innovate Like Edison" and then asked to present it to the Product Development Management Association (PDMA). We found it to be an interesting task and ... read more  

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"Game changing" is a big phrase and often abused by inventors, brands and others who say something is greater than it is, think Segway. The book "Born to run" tells the story of a tribe of ultra runners in Mexico. The book exposes brands, reveals the real running human condition ... read more  

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