Unable to attend FUSE 2012 last week? Want a thoughtful recap? Revisit Aaron and Kitty’s posts from The Next Big Design blog where they kept a daily record of what they saw and learned from the three-day design extravaganza.

This Isn’t Brain Surgery, But It Is Design by Aaron Keller
Aaron is looking forward to seeing all the presentations at FUSE 2012, but he’s especially anxious to hear what Jonah Lehrer has to say about his exploration of the human mind.

“Cooler Sh*t Coming Soon” by Aaron Keller
After a stimulating presentation from Bill Less, senior design manager at FRITO-LAY, and Ivana Nikolic, creative director at DUPOIS, Aaron reflects on what it takes to make design waves in the snack food aisle.

Inspiration FUSEd with Perspiration by Kitty Hart
Kitty shares insight from Kevin Gilboe, head of global design at 3M, and her feeling of responsibility when it comes to guiding Capsule’s clients toward great design.

Vince from Apple to Coca-Cola by Aaron Keller
“Experience design is here,” Aaron writes after listening to Vince Voron,  head of design for Coca-Cola North America. “And it is brought to you by consumer demand.”

The Thread for This Day: Grit by Kitty Hart
You must have grit to survive and to thrive, Kitty shares in her second post, which ties together lessons from author Jonah Lehrer, Vince Voron and Kim Chisholm, vice president of marketing for Caldrea and Mrs. Meyers Cleaning Products.

Three Days; Two Perspectives by Aaron Keller and Kitty Hart
Disappointed you missed out on FUSE 2012? You should be, Aaron and Kitty explain, as they summarize this year’s conference, and whether it lived up to its brand promise. (They believe it did.)

Still not satisfied? Search #FuseDesign on Twitter to read commentary from the conference as individual participants experienced it—though we’re partial to Aaron and Kitty’s Tweets.

Did you attend FUSE 2012? What did you think of it? We’d love to hear your opinions.

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